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Macro to export graphs from different sheets objects with a single button

I have created a macro to export objects from a single sheet. I now need to export objects from multiple sheets with a single button.

I have copied the same button to all other sheets wherever I need to export these objects. But when I click on the button in one sheet it only exports the object present on that sheet and doesn't export the objects from other sheets despite this being written in the macro

Pasted below are the different Sheet object numbers. so ideally it should be exporting these images from different sheets at the same time.

ActiveDocument.Sheets("Sheet3").SheetObjects("CH254").ExportBitmapToFile "C:\Users\43862460\Reports\WIP\TestImages\Weekly_Aging_" & expSelection(i).Text & ".jpg"
ActiveDocument.Sheets("Sheet4").SheetObjects("CH257").ExportBitmapToFile "C:\Users\43862460\Reports\WIP\TestImages\SLA_" & expSelection(i).Text & ".jpg"

I need to go to each sheet and then click on the button to export instead of a single click...can somebody please explain why this is happening