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Macro to open the hyperlink in chrome only

I want to open a hyperlink in chrome only.


please suggest a way to write macro.

I have tried below code of VBA, but it is not working.


Sub OpenMyURL()

ChromeLocation = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"
MyURL = "https://www.google.com" 'URL that you would like to open; you may also use a variable for this, or a pointer to the location of the URL
Shell (ChromeLocation & " -url " & MyURL)


End Sub


Error is Type Mismatch - Shell.


Please suggest if there is any other way.

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Re: Macro to open the hyperlink in chrome only

why don't you trying achieving it through actions



Re: Macro to open the hyperlink in chrome only

Agree with the above contributor, if you are using a button object to launch the macro, use the Actions instead:


There are many options from which to choose there and actions are a much better solution than macro, as macros will force a single-thread calculation condition and may cause other timing issues as well, actions are the best solution here. 


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