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Macros all going missing for German users

Hi QlikCommunity

I have a strange case whereby my macros have gone missing/stopped working for a group of German users a few weeks ago and I can't think why.  They get the message "Die Prüfung des Makros ergab keine Funktionalität" which translated in babelfish means "The review of the macro revealed no functionality".  Their local helpdesk re-installed QV desktop - no effect.

I can download the file and run the macro successfully and other users across Europe have no problem. There are no obvious changes to the users' landscape ( perhaps the usual WINDOZE updates ? ) or the source report.  The users have Win7 64bit with QlikView 7.52 desktop installed

The source file is an ancient QV 7 file published with a venerable version 8 publisher but runs happily in QV7 or later desktops.

Anyone seen this error message ?



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Re: Macros all going missing for German users

Ok problem solved once I got the message in English.  Simple problem in the macro where the userID has USER access.  If so, he is not permitted to see the macro code and this message is issued. 

Fixed the macro, problem solved  ...

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Re: Macros all going missing for German users

Can you explain to me again in more detail how you solved this problem?