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Macros not working on desktop


I have a problem with desktop and macros. The document opens ok but when a macro is used the desktop just says executing macro and it stays there, does nothing until I press control-shift-m and dissable macros, then it works ok but without macros.

If i connect to that document with access point then the macros work ok.

This problem happens on the client pc, in my pc the desktop works with macros without any issue.

I thought it could me a security setting in the client computer, but i dont see anything.

Any ideas?

Thanks & regards.

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Re: Macros not working on desktop

What your macro is doing .. Is there any database connection or any other connection you are doing from macro ?

It may be port issue or connectivity issue from client machine(n/w)

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Re: Macros not working on desktop


The macro is just assigning values to some variables, and the problem happens with every macro in the document