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Mailing using Alerts

Hello Community,

I have a data having flags 0's and 1's. After reloading the QVW (post reload) user needs to be alerted by an e-mail where it contains the no of devices are 0's and no of devices are 1's. Please help me how can i get the list of devices whose status is 0 and 1. Help also required in configuring mail part.


Here in the above image Name_Tuyer is machine id and Status is flag. I want a mail like this ,if suppose Tuyer 1 status is 1 and after reloading the status changed to '0' then a mail will trigger to user and states that the status has been changed for this tuyer. Likewise all other machines status also in a single mail.

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Re: Mailing using Alerts

that process is long, you need use vbscript for send mail.



Re: Mailing using Alerts

Hi, Thanks ! That's okay I can use this VB Script. But how Can I  identify the status change after post reload? How can I compare the new status with the Old one??