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Mini Chart

Hi, I need your help again...

This is my Chart:

error loading image

My dimension is Country (the first row), the other rows are formulars:

row 2009-12 = = sum({$<[Balance Date]={'$(vDatum1)'}>} [TWD EU])/sum({$<[Balance Date]={'$(vDatum1)'}>} [GIS EU])

row 2010-04 = sum({$<[Balance Date]={'$(vDatum2)'}>} [TWD EU])/sum({$<[Balance Date]={'$(vDatum2)'}>} [GIS EU])

row 2010-05 = sum({$<[Balance Date]={'$(vDatum3)'}>} [TWD EU])/sum({$<[Balance Date]={'$(vDatum3)'}>} [GIS EU])

row 2010-06 = sum({$<[Balance Date]={'$(vDatum4)'}>} [TWD EU])/sum({$<[Balance Date]={'$(vDatum4)'}>} [GIS EU])

In the column 'graph' I would like to show a mini-chart for the row 1 to 4 or if possible row 2 to 4. The extra Dimension for the MiniChart could be [Balance Date] ? I tried it, but it did'nt work. I think the problem are the variables (vDatum1 - vDatum4) .....

Has anybody an idea?

Thanks for any help, best regards,


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AW:Mini Chart

I solved the problem by my own...

sum({$<[Balance Date]>} [TWD EU])/sum({$<[Balance Date]>} [GIS EU])

best regards