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Minimize other objects on maximize some object

hi friends,

I want following:
- object CH01 (eg.chart object) is displayed on sheet in normal size
- object CH02 and CH03 (are eg.chart object too) is minimized on the same sheet
- click to maximize object CH02 -> object CH02 will be restored and CH01 will be minimize
- click to maximize object CH03 -> object CH03 will be restored and CH02 will be minimize (CH01 stay minimized)
- click to maximize object CH01 -> object CH01 will be restored and CH03 will be minimize (CH02 stay minimized)

It is possible? And how?

I use QlikView (for Windows) ver.9.00 developer client.


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Right click on CH01 :

Properties / Caption Tab / check "Allow minimize" and "Auto Minimize".
Do the same things on "CH02" and "CH03".

Now only one tab in (CH01, CH02 and CH03) can be in normal size at a time on your sheet.
Double click on a minimized tab to restore it to its normal size

Best regards

Specialist II
Specialist II


When Auto Minimize is checked for several sheet objects on the same sheet, all but one will be automatically minimized at any time.

For all Charts that you want auto minimize:

Go to Chart Properties -> Caption

Check "Allow Minimize" and "Auto Minimize"

hope this helps

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Right click on the object, choose properties, acitivities, layout ...

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very thanks, it works.

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Question: I have 6 container objects on one sheets (1 chart for Quarterly, 1 chart for Monthly, 1 data for Quarterly, 1 data for Monthly, 1 achievement data for Quarterly and 1 achievement data for Monthly). (Auto) Minimise / Maximise option for all objects are activated.

My preferred display to optimise the space on the sheet:

Top - Chart (2)

Bottom - Data and Achievement (4)

Correct me if I am wrong, current Qlikview setting only allow one object to be displayed - i.e. maximise one object the other five objects will be minimized. Is there a possibility of Minimising/Maximising objects that are only occupying the same area?