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Multi-Select Functionality in a Straight Table


I had a business requirement: The user wanted to be able to select multiple rows from a straight table so that the selections would be compared in another chart. The problem was: CTRL+Click didn't work with a straight table; the only way to select multiple rows was Click+Drag. I looked on these forums for a way to allow for CTRL+Click Multi-Select functionality in a straight table, but couldn't find a solution.

I've come up with a work-around that I want to share with the community. The crux of the work around is adding a field trigger for the each fields in the straight table that looks like:

=if(GetSelectedCount([Field])<>0 and Concat({$1} Distinct [Field],'"|"')<>Concat({1} Distinct [Field], '"|"'),

'("'&Concat({$1} Distinct [Field],'"|"')&'"|"'&Concat(Distinct [Field],'"|"')&'")',

if(GetSelectedCount([Field])<>0,'("'&Concat(Distinct [Field],'"|"')&'")')


Then some additions to the table: (1) add {1} in your all expressions' set analyses so that all the dimension values are there and click-able; and (2) add a calculation for background color in the table so that the user knows what has been selected.

The work-around has limitations, though. One in particular is it doesn't allow the user to remove a current selection by clicking on it.

I've attached a QVW with a simple sample of the work-around in action. Hopefully this saves someone some headache. Of course, if anyone has a better solution, please share



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Re: Multi-Select Functionality in a Straight Table

Hi Ryan,

This is great. I needed the same thing but not working quite correct in the Alternate States. I have set the states similar to Triggers and to the objects still not working. Can you please get it modified for Alternate states as well?