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Multilanguage User Interface

When developing multilanguage aplications on QlikView (that is, a single copy of the application used by users from different countries and with different languages), there are many things to consider.

  • [SOLVED] Labels: Easy via a translation table and set analysis
  • [SOLVED] Data: Often not needed, but easy via a translation table as well
  • [SOLVED] Field names: Easy when they appear in Text objects or Column headers. That leaves the current selections box, which is much harder to solve but can be work-around'ed  with Stefan Walther's "Better Current Selections Box extension"
  • [WTF!] QlikView's own UI: Top menu, context drop down menu; header button's tooltips (excel export, fast change...)

My problem is obviously with the last item. After much searching and investigating, I see only 2 alternatives:

  • Buy different servers and QV server licences for every language. Configure each one. Branch users based on their language.
  • Develop a Document Extension that translates de HTML code that is generated from QV Server.

Unless you have several spare million dollars (I don't...) the document extension is the only real possibility.

Do you have any other ideas, or some already developed document extension for this need? I've seen somethingh Stefan Walther's QlikBlog.at, called Multilingual Menu Document Extension, but can't find further information...

Thank you for your help!

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