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Multiple conditions in expression

In a text object, I am trying to display a distinct number of folders of a certain type.

in SQL it would be written as



FROM folder f

WHERE f.foldertype = 'RC'.

What I have entered as expression is

Num((Sum(FOLDERTYPE='RC')*-1),'#,##0', ',')

Some of these records repeat a few times which is fine as there are multiple inspections done - as shown in the attachment

I want to count each folderrsn once even if it has multiple inspections.

NOTE - Folderrsn is a unique key, RC is foldertype, and Inspection is the type of inspection it went through.

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Use this

Count({<FOLDERTYPE = {'$(=WildMatch(FolderType,'*RC*'))'}>} FOLDERRSN)

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It is not recognizing DISTINCT as a key word.