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Multiple values in a Load Statement

Current Load Statement is working properly,

if([Incident Related to Interaction Flag]='y',if([Incident Opened by Email Name]='HPOO','User'))as [User or Non-User Generated2]

but I need to add another search value to the [Incident Opened by Email Name] part of it and I cannot get it to work. 

I need it to check if:

[Incident Opened by Email Name] = 'HPOO' OR '*@*'(any email address)

[Incident Related to Interaction Flag]= 'y'

Output= 'User'



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Re: Multiple values in a Load Statement

May be this:

If([Incident Related to Interaction Flag]='y',

If(WildMatch([Incident Opened by Email Name], 'HPOO', '*@*'), 'User')) as [User or Non-User Generated2]

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Re: Multiple values in a Load Statement

Thank you Sunny T- that worked!