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NPV Bar and Line Graph


What I am trying to graph is Bar and Line graph which will demonstrate the following.

Bars: monthly lease payments which have their leases terminate that month.

Line: this would be the NPV of all future lease payments including the current month.

So for a 3 month Period, the line in Jan would be the NPV of the leases in Jan, Feb, Mar while the bar would be the $ amount of monthly payments whose leases terminate in Jan. Feb line would be NPV of Feb and Mar and the bar would be the amount of leases terminating in Feb. and for March the same.

What I'm looking for is the expression for the line graph. I have the bar graph which works but can't get a line graph which will NPV the forward payments. If NPV is not possible then just to sum the future payments (bars) for each month would be good and I can work from there, a kind of reverse accumulation.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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NPV Bar and Line Graph


Did you find any solution to your problem? How did you solve that, because I am facing a familiar problem with yours.

Thanks a lot,