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Need Data visualization PPT--> Urgent help

Dear All,

Does any one has PPT for the charts in DataVisualization DEMO QVW.

I have to give a presentation in PPT to users for different charts in Qlikview.

Any PPT that gives the brief overview on different chart types in qlikview is required

Thanks in advance.


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Why not use DataVisualization.QVW itself (using your laptop with a lease) as a live demo? All explanations are already there, and you will be introducing a document that developers can visit later on as a reference and on their own terms.



Creator III
Creator III

  • You have detail explanation in
    C:\Program Files\QlikView\Examples\Documents\DataVisualization.qvw

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I Had the same thought to give demo with QVW. But users were asking in PPT only .



OMG, who invented users?

Make a screenshot of every sheet in DataVisualization.QVW by right-clicking an empty sheet area and selecting "Copy Image to Clipboard". Paste the clipboard content on an empty slide in your PowerPoint presentation. There are only 12 sheets to capture.