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Need Help Troubleshooting Issue With "Mail With Bookmark as Link"

Qlik Community,

I'm hoping someone on here can help me with an issue I'm experiencing involving the ability to email a bookmark as a link.

So we have two primary QlikView applications at my company. Our "Sales" app has the ability to email a bookmark as a link and, when opened by the recipient, they get directed to the appropriate tab within the app and also with all the same selection criteria that the sender had while sending the bookmarked email link.

We also have an "Ops" app that works great and is used daily by several end-users; however, when I attempt to email a bookmark as a link (in the same exact way as I would in the Sales app) from this Ops app all the link does is direct me to the front tab in the application -- it does NOT direct me to the tab I had active while emailing the bookmark NOR does it hold the selection criteria that it's supposed to.

So, can anyone PLLLLEASE help me understand why this functionality works on my Sales app but not on my Ops app?

One other interesting detail to note, and I anticipate a lot of community members here won't agree with this, but I have my users on the Internet Explorer Plug-In version as opposed to the Full Browser version. I went this route because I make use of a lot of macros. In any event, my Sales app can properly email a bookmark as a link in both the I.E. Plug-In view as well as the Full Browser view. The Ops app can NOT email a bookmark as a link with the I.E. Plug-In view but it CAN do this while using the Full Browser view. I can't make sense as to why this would be, especially considering that the Sales app functions properly in both views, so I'm not too confident that this is necessarily related to my issue but figured it might be work mentioning.

So, with all of that said, I ask again -- can anyone out there PLLLLLEASE help me understand what is going on here to cause this issue?

A sincere thank you to anybody that helps me resolve this.

Take care.


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Re: Need Help Troubleshooting Issue With "Mail With Bookmark as Link"

Hi Steve,

I have the issue at my company too.  We moved to QV 11.2 SR13 and added https and now can no longer get the emailed bookmarks to work.  I have contacted QV and they can replicate but will not address the bug.  Not enough users use this functionality to address the issue, I was told.  What version are you on?  Prior to SR 13 we had this working fine with the QV Plugin.

If you come up with a solution please share.

Thank you,

Craig Leite