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Need Help in Incremental Load Qlikview

Hello Friends,

I need your inputs on the following logic while applying incremental load. My requirement is divided in to 3 logics.

1. Data Fix for Previous Period (if any historical data changes in database )

  • Delete from Existing QVD
  • Insert to Existing QVD

2. Distinct Periods from Database       

  • Check if Data Exist 1,(if data exist, No action) 2,(if data doesn't exist, Load data to QVD)

3.  Find Max Month from Periods.

  • Reload 1,(Delete from QVD if exist) 2, (Reload data to QVD)

To give more information about my requirement, 1, we have a Main QVD, it has 10 years of data which we do full load during every month reload. So they want to apply incremental load with the above logic. If there is any change in historical data in database for any months which should be replaced  in Main qvd during reload. They have created a flag in stored procedure to manually mention those months. 2, it has to check for distinct period on month basis and it data exist in QVD then no action required, if data is not there then load that specific month data to QVD. 3, Find max month from QVD, every time when reloading the QVD, the latest month has to be deleted from QVD and the latest month data should be reload to QVD.

Kindly help me for this logic. Thank you...

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