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Need Help in Qlikview Extension API for my Bookmark Extension

Hello ,

I am attaching a zip file which contain a QVW and two qar file one is a QVConsole and one is a SelectionManager which i am currently developing .

Its in an initial stage but the basic idea of the extension is the capture user selection  and load the captures selection .

Currently i am able to retrieve the selection but i am not able to apply the captured selection for more than two field , the behavior very unexpected basically i am firing the



where 0,1,2 parameters are the index of the field configured on the definition.xml for dimension 

the last parameter is the  fielValue , fieldValue1, fieldValue2  is the list of field value which should be applied on their respective fields .

I really need an advice on this , any help provided will be grateful toward building an Extension which can some what replace bookmarks and provide a simplified approach toward saving and loading selection .

Addtional Details:
I have well commented the however i am using a Global  variable HoldSelection which hold the selection string . .
How i am using the extension is i am making some selection on the fields clicking on 'Save' button which saves the selection in the Global variable the i click  'Clear All' which clear all the selection info and then i click on ' Load' button in the extension which basically applies the saved selection back using SelectTextsInColumn() function .

Please install both the QAR file and then open the qvw app

regards ,