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Need some help - perform SQL outer join like operation


I am struggling to find solution, any ideas would be helpful. Appreciate your help

Basically, business needs to see on the dashboard PROVIDERS WITH CLAIMS HISTORY + PROVIDERS WITH NO CLAIMS HISTORY since their analysis target about TAXID's and PROVIDERS associated with TAXID. Not every PROVIDER may have claim history related to a TAXID.

Posted in some mock up data:

QlikView Model as below :

Output desired as below:

This is the part I am struggling  to report  PROVIDERS P2,P3  with 0 as they don't have utilization If I select Month of January,2018. The business still needs to see them with 0 utilization, any ideas would be helpful.  I tried different ways, but could not find appropriate solution.

Any suggestions to handle scenario like this would be of great help!


Appreciate your time and help