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Need to have a data reduction (not filter) in a sheet


I'm making a stock report. Sheet 1 is a summary sheet, showing totals and some graphs. So far so good...

Now, sheet 2 will make a scope in materials, while sheet 3 will make a scope on sale products. I'm currently using a trigger to apply (and force mantain) a filter.

A lot of fields get filtered because there are excluded values. But since each sheet is very important on it's own, I really don't want the values only available in the other sheet to even show (they become like garbage...). (See image)

Now, I know with section access I can make a data reduction which completely hides the excluded values. But can I do something like this "on the fly"? Like hiding the excluded values for the filter I apply with the OnSelect sheet trigger?

Thanks a lot!!

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

If you only want to hide the excluded values in your listboxes on Sheet2 and Sheet3 use expressions like aggr(stk_depo,stk_depo) instead of the fieldname for your listboxes.

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That's a nice trick!!

But then if I make a filter on (for example) sheet 2, the list will be reduced again. I do want the excluded values from filters made by the user to be shown in gray... just hide the values excluded from the filter applied with the trigger (wich filters one field called "art_class" to one value)

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any other tips?