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Need weekly count of Employees from employee table for each costcenter


I have a emp table with fields EID ValidFrom Validto Costcenter, I need to see the weekly view of the employees for each costcenter.

I think I have to generate the master calendar which will have weekstart and weekend fields that can check if validfrom < weekstart and validto>weekend.

The challenge is how I join the the emp table with mastercalendar based on what field?

I tried the intervalmatch like this..but nothing happened.


Load eid validfrom validto costcenter from Emp.qvd(qvd);


Load mastercalendate,weekstart,weekend,week,day,yearmonth,year,month... from Mastercalendar.qvd(qvd);

intervalmatch (Weekstart,weekend) load validfrom,validto,eid resident emp;


2 Replies

Hi Jackson,

I dont' understand very well the problem but

How do you want to visualize the results? If you want to visualize in a graph object you can create a calculated dimension with the week (or in the script) and count the number of employees in the fact table.

Best regards,

Pablo Robles

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I want to capture the weekly view of employee per cost center in the script based on the validfrom and valid to date of the employee