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New to QV - add new column - which files to update?

Hello, and thanks in advance for any help!

New to QV. Have inherited a rather large system. I'm needing some basic info to give me the "big picture" of the system.

1) Can I clarify what are .qvw files, and how they differ to .qvd?

The specific work I am trying to do is to add a new column to an NPrinting report. I was given a handover and have an idea of the various steps for getting it into the extract, through to placing the column on the Excel template for the report - but my question is more around the processes that QV goes through during data load. For example, I can see from NPrinting Server, which monitors the reload process, that I have about a dozen steps. The first step pulls data from the source database. There are a number of steps transforming that data, and I gather multiple files are being produced as a result.

Coming at the problem from the other end, I can see in NPrinting Designer that the report in question is displaying fields that come from a "table" (to use the term in the left panel). This table is actually a chart object in a .qvw file.

If I open that .qvw file on the server and right-click the chart object, I do not see the "Properties..." context menu option at the top of the context menu. The file itself is large, and so I deduce contains data. So -

2. Should I be editing this file that apparently contains data, or is there another instance somewhere that I should edit - ie. and the other instance forms, if you like, the definition of the file, with this large .qvw being output when that definition is followed and data is processed (ie. and included in that output)?

I can see a related .log file, and .Meta file in the same directory, but no apparently data-free version of the .qvw.

Back to that context menu - if I copy this file off the server onto my local machine and open in QV Desktop app, I do see the "Properties..." menu option and when I view the Dimensions, I see that the new column is available for adding to the chart (ie. some of the earlier steps were already completed before handover to me).

I'm sure as soon as I add this field to the Dimensions for that chart it will become available to me in the template editor in NPrinting Designer - but I am unsure as to whether I should be editing this copy of that .qvw file.

I hope I described that clearly! Let me know if anything's confusing. Thanks.

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