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Not getting the MAX Month Data of latest year

Hello All,

I have a simple requirement but unable to find the logic here. I am trying to show the MAX month AUM for each year and latest year(2016) i have max month is NOV and for that sales amount is showing zero. Its working fine for the rest of the years.

Also interesting thing is when i select 2016 from filter i am able to see that AUM value.

Here is Measure logic i am using.

=if(rank(sum([Asset Usd]))<=RankNumber,(sum({$<[Monthly AUM]={'=$(=Max([Monthly AUM]))'}>}[Asset Usd])*1000000)/1000000000,0)

Also please find the screenshot below.


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Re: Not getting the MAX Month Data of latest year

Hi Sagar,

Can you create a new expression "Max([Monthly AUM])" and see what month comes for Year 2016 ? I beleive it will show Dec. 

Also can you share share a sample data or your datamodel screenshot ?

Best Regards,