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Number of access to a doc


What is better for performance:

- Having 1 doc with 40 users

- Duplicate the doc in 2 and having 20 users per doc.

According to the doc "BI-WP-Qlikview- Scalability-Overview-EN.pdf":

"when the first end user opens a QlikView document, the amount of RAM needed is usually between 2x – 10x the size of the application on disk. [...] The addition of concurrent users causes more RAM to be allocated [...] a general rule of thumb can be used for estimating the per-user additional overhead associated with new concurrent users (i.e. add 1-10% of RAM above that used by the first user)"

So I would think that 1 doc with 40 users would be better because the document would be loaded in memory once, and each new user would take 1-10% of additional RAM.

I just need a confirmation.



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Re: Number of access to a doc


Re: Number of access to a doc

Having 1 doc with 40 users.