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ODBC Connection Information

I have been tasked with finding out how many of our applications connect to each of our SQL data sources and to provide each query being used. We currently use SQL Server for every dataset but have so many different ODBC connections, this will take me a while to do manually since I would have to open each application, and copy and paste it all into a spreadsheet. I thought there must be an easier way so I started digging into the log files. Unfortunately they seem to be missing a key piece.

The App shows this: ODBC CONNECT ABC

The Log file shows : ODBC CONNECT*

Is there anywhere that I can pull the actual ODBC CONNECT ABC without having to open each app manually?

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: ODBC Connection Information

You could use the qlikview api to run through your folders, open your applications, reading the script and searching and extracting for your key-words. See here a few links which provides hints to some of the steps which you would need (to combine):

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Aften them you should consider to replace all your connect-statements with include-variables. This provides more overview and also maintaining is easier: The $(Include) which you $(Must_Include) into your toolkit

- Marcus