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ODBC performance!

Hello Everyone,

I want to ask Is there any other way of loading data into QlikView by Avoiding the ODBC connection to the Database. Because when we use ODBC ,we have to write queries to load data into Qlikview and it takes some time or in some cases Bottle neck is created  and the process is slow. Is it possible to directly load data from network sharing? Is that a more faster way ? Which method is Better.? Share your Experience guys... how you do it.

Best REgards,


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Contributor II

ODBC performance!


     Have you tried using OLEDB mechanism to connect?

     I think OLEDB will be better than ODBC.


Andrew Hudson


ODBC performance!

Hi salman12.

My great experience has shown that OLEDB connections run faster than ODBC.

Kind regards

Magnus Åvitsland

BI Consultant

Framsteg Business Intelligence Corp.