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On change action for variables

Hi All,

I got strange behaviour of QV and hope someone can help/explain.

I got 3 variables and 2 trigger action on varaible change to limit numer of selection in list box. The max allowed selections are 2 and whenever 3rd selection is made it is deselected.

When I had text box to display the variables all was working fine. Once I removed it, the 3rd value was kept.

I opened window with variable the check the one which is set after other is set and it was ok. After the lookup it was working again.
I did Clear All and was not working.

Only when variable is displayed and checked it behave as it should.

I have attache the example when you can do 2 selection on the listbox on top right.

If you remove blue text box -> do Clear All -> save, you can select more than 2 options.



edit to attach correct file: karolina_

edit to add: I'm getting know aggr now and =if(GetSelectedCount(ProjectName)=2,aggr(ProjectName,ProjectName),ProjectName) in list box is doing great! job, however question about when above variables work correctly stays open.

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Re: On change action for variables

attach the application.. it is not there