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Opening table in accesspoint slow.

Hi All,

We have a Qlikview-server with 128 GB of ram and Qlikview11.20 SR17 installed. Reloading data and accesspoint is all on the same server.

We also have about 30 dashboards that are reload several times a day. Now I have a dashboard of about 850 Mb. and sometimes a specified table is loading very quick in the access-point and sometimes it takes minites to open that table.

I've no Idea what I can do or where I have to search how I can find why sometimes the server reacts slow. (70% of ram was uwed when it was slow)


As you can see in the pictures, it keeps turning.


Who can help me with this?



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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Opening table in accesspoint slow.

There are multiple reasons possible. One might the used working set limits of the  server the max. might be set to 70% and then the server hasn't enough resources. Another look could go to the fact if the document is already loaded within the RAM if the application reacts fast and slow if it needs to be loaded at first - maybe the pre-loading option might be an alternatively.

Another check should go to the data within the application - if it always (nearly) the same number of records and/or are always all essential fields and associations properly loaded. For this you could compare the document-logs.

Quite helpful could be further the use of the governance dashboard and various tools from Rob Wunderlich like the document analyzer and the script log analyzer.

- Marcus


Re: Opening table in accesspoint slow.

If you reload during the day it will affect the performance also.
I would recommend setting up a separate publisher machine for reloads.