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Contributor III
Contributor III

Oracle driver for QlikView

I am having miscellaneous issues while pulling data from an Oracle database.  Right now I am trying to do an incremental load.  But when I try to compare the dates of the last refresh against the dates for new records, I get an "SQL command not properly ended" error message.

I read somewhere that the driver which you have set up to use with QlikView can determine how things work.  For example, interpretation of keywords, quotes, etc. might work in a certain way but not work if a different driver is used.

I watched a QlikView video on how to do an incremental load.  The presenter was using local Excel files for source data.  I was able to recreate his example, using some of the field names from my database.  After successfully getting my script to work, using local source files just like in the video, I changed the script to pull the actual data from the Oracle database.  When I did that, the line that compared the dates no longer worked and gave the error mentioned above.

While watching the video, I noticed the connect string in his application.  It was using a Microsoft Jet driver of some kind.  I am using an Oracle driver - Oracle in OraHome 102.

When I edit and remove the Where statement - Where "Last Refresh Date" >= $(vLastRefreshDate); - the script runs fine.

Is it possible that I could change the driver and see different behaviour as far how the script works?  I have changed that line above many times...changing the quotes, removing spaces in the field name, adding single quotes.  Nothing I do has worked.

FYI, I do have another thread currently running on the incremental load itself.

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Champion III
Champion III

Re: Oracle driver for QlikView


See if it helps: http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-1321




Re: Oracle driver for QlikView

the part of your script after SQL is executed at the database side (Oracle,......)

and the syntax to query a database isn't the same for all database

when you remove the where line you probably remove the line that Oracle can not understand

that line works in excel but is a syntax error for Oracle

if you want to ckeck it open an oracle tool (sqlplus, toad, ....) and try the lines after SQL

you'll get the same error you see in Qlikview

ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended