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Orientation of sideways stacked bars

Hello all,

I'm having a curious thing happen to my sideways stacked bars. I believe this started occurring after I downloaded the latest Qlikview version, but I'm not 100% certain on that. My bars used to be oriented in the middle of the component, but now they're oriented towards the top (see attached picture). For reference, the word "Overall" should appear directly above the bar instead of in the middle of it.

Has anyone else noticed this/know of a potential solution?

Many thanks,



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Re: Orientation of sideways stacked bars

Is it possible you Control-Shifted the chart and moved the chart component? This will do what you describe here. If you recreate the chart do you see the same thing?



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Re: Orientation of sideways stacked bars

I have seen, I am thinking, the same problem after I upgraded to SR12.

Try Properties->Presentation  - check Show All Bars.

This fixed my issue. Hope it fixes yours.

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Re: Orientation of sideways stacked bars

Thanks, John. After messing around with it for a bit I found this as well, but even after selecting "Show all bars" it was still off by ~10 pixels both north-south and east-west. At least this makes the adjustment easier! Thanks for posting.