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Out of Virtual And/Or Logical Memory Allocating 0.5MB


During recharging, after the system began the process of synchronization I have this error " Out of Virtual And/Or Logical Memory Allocating 0.5MB".I would like to know what I must do to correct.

Thank you for your assistance.


Elvire Elora KINIMO

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Out of Virtual And/Or Logical Memory Allocating 0.5MB

Hi there,

It will probably be a single object on the tab that is causing the issue, so the first thing to do is to isolate which object it is. To go about this you can fully reduce the data from your document (File \ Reduce Data \ Remove All Values), or open the document without data (right click the document in the Recently Opened Documents list) and then go to the tab that is causing issues. On this tab minimize all objects and then switch to a tab without issues (usually a splash screen tab?). Reload your data and then go back to the tab that has the crash and maximize each object in turn, until you find the one with the issue.

Typically it will be an inefficient expression that is causing the issue. Perhaps you could post the expressions from the rogue object in this thread?

If the issue appears not to be tied to a specific object then it may be that the issue is in a variable. If you start the variable expression with an equals symbol then it will be calculated for the whole data set on every selection and tab movement - this can get expensive in CPU terms.

Hope that gives you some pointers - post back if you require more assistance.