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Overlapping Axis Text Issue

Hi, with all of you help I am so colse to solving the issues I have had.

The last thing now for the chart I'm making is Over Lapping Axis Text!

See image below, I've also attahed the qvw.

Anyone have a solution.



Overlapping Text.png

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Can you group both the dimension..it will work.

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Sorry just to make it clear - in the image

At the moment the first piece of text in each of the four dimensions Focus, Collaborate etc are sitting ontop of the second piece of text.

Not sure why that is.  If that wasn't doing that the chart would be exactly what I need.




It would be a way to display all the values ​​in the graph.


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Well that works!!!

Not exactly what I was after but thanks.

I wish someone could let me know why the original one has this issue - can the Qlikview people look into this?  Is it a bug?

Thanks again