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PDF Reduce and distribute data issue

We have a PDF reduce and distribute job setup but running into a data issue.. It reduces and distributes based on the individual.  Individual belongs to a region. The data in the report looks ok in access-point but when we reduce the data and distribute it , we see the same numbers in the region bar as we see in the individual recipient bar.  When selection is done for the individual a trigger selects the region.

Sample Data : 

Individual                    Region            Value

xyz@del.com         Americas          1

abc@del.com        Americas          1

123@del.com        EMEA                1

Issue : when we select email address xyz@del.com, we are seeing the data in access point as 1, 2 (individual, region) , but when we use reduce and distribute (PDF) gets sent out with 1, 1 (individual, region).  It appears it is not expanding on the region and doing a harsh reduction on the individual thus providing same counts for individual and region.  when I do the selections, I am expecting to see the same data in PDF file (email) as I see in the access-point report .  Is it not the case ?

Thanks much

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