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Partial Chart Locking

I was wondering if there was a was to partially lock a chart. For example, I want some list boxes to be able to impact the chart but not others.

Is there a way to do this?

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Re: Partial Chart Locking

could you post an example?

maybe with set analysis, this is from qlik help


sum( {1<Region= {US} >} Sales )
returns the sales for region US disregarding the current selection.

sum( {$<Region = >} Sales )
returns the sales for the current selection, but with the selection in “Region” removed.

Re: Partial Chart Locking

You can use set analysis where you can tell the expression to not respond to certain selections by doing this:

{<Field1 = , Field2 = , Field3 = >}

So now your expression won't respond to any selection in Field1, Field2, and Field3

Alternatively, you can tell your expression to respond to only the few you want it to respond to by doing this:

{1<Field4 = p(Field4), Field5 = p(Field5), Field6 = p(Field6)>}

So now your expression will only respond to selections in Field4, Field5 and Field6

I hope this will help.