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Partial sum in Pivot table with AGGR


I found a lot of discussions on the community around this problem, but couldnt still figure out my problem.

I have a pivot table with sales data for different countries over the years. For the Sales figure, the sales is multiplied by the exchange rate corresponding to the particular market to display the figure in Eur. The problem is with the subtotal, I need a subtotal in EUR.

I tried various combinations with aggr and Total ...

Find attached the dummy app.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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MVP & Luminary

Re: Partial sum in Pivot table with AGGR

How about using just sum([Sales]*[exchange rate]) as expression?

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Re: Partial sum in Pivot table with AGGR

What is meant by in EURO?

What is Sales*[Exchange Rate] ?

Are Sales in EURO or in Different Currency?

If they are in different currency then.. you can simply write SUM(Sales * [Exchange Rate])

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Re: Partial sum in Pivot table with AGGR

Sorry forgot to mention, that the sales figures are in the local

currencies. and the exchange rate is to convert it to Euro.

So the expression for the sales is qum(sales) *

But it does not make sense to Sum up the total sales which are in different

currencies. I want to sum up the Sales values in Euro.