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Passing a variable from one report to another


I have a requirement to dispaly few icons(Buttons) , and clicking each icon inturn opens the same report but with a different bookmark applied. Is it possible to do this in Qlikview?

Currently, We have a seperate report (kind of homepage), which displays these buttons.., and clicking on a button should pass a variable to the report, based on which we can apply the bookmark.. but I am not really sure on how to pass a variable from one report to another in Qlikview..

anybody have any ideas?

Thanks for your time,


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Re: Apply bookmark as an action

Hello Kalpana,

I am not sure I have fully understood your question, but within the actions of a button, there is an action called Bookmark > Apply Bookmark.

This should help. Please mark as answered if this helps.


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Re: Apply bookmark as an action

Hi James,

Thanks for your answer.

I should have put it differently... Yes, that is the action we are currently using..

but, my question is more towards how do we pass the variables from one report to another.

I have one report which has say.. 3 icons(Buttons) on it. when I click on 1st, it should display 'Report A' with a book mark 'A1', and when I click on 2nd, it should display same 'Report A' but with bookmark 'A2' and so on..


Re: Passing a variable from one report to another

Hi KalplanaI:
There is an external action called "Open QlikView document". You can associate this action to a button to open Raport A and B. When applyig this option you can select the option "transfer state", this will mean that the field selections in the first document are replicaed in the second, If you can replicate the bookmark in the first report, then it will be automatically transfered to the other report and you are done. if not there are some alterntives but it is hard to try to help you without having seen the actual QlikView documents.

I hope it helps.



Re: Re: Passing a variable from one report to another

Hi again,

These two very small QliKView documents illustrate the idea.



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Re: Re: Passing a variable from one report to another

Hi Carols,

Thank you so much for your time.

I tried using your Example files. But, If I clear all selections on file Rap A and save it, and then open it by clicking the button on Rap.qvw, it does not transfer the state. All I see is an empty report for Rap A.

any ideas on how to actually transffer the state?

I tried using the same bookmarknames, but it did not work for me..

Am I missing something here?