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Passing parameters to set analysis expression called by FirstSortedValue function.

Hello community. I need help passing parameters to set analysis expression called by FirstSortedValue function. Here is my scenario:

I have an island table:




Sum({<$1, $2>} DOLLARS)


Sum({<$1, $2>} UNITS)


Sum({<$1, $2>} DOLLARS)/Sum({<$1, $2>} UNITS)

%Measure_Formula has parameter ( $1), ($2) for different set analysis that I will pass as variables. For example:

saProductJuice = [Product] = {‘Juice’}

saCountryUSA = [Country] = {‘USA}

When I pass one of those variables as parameters, result should be different variations of measures and set analysis. Something like this : 

Sum({<[Product] = {‘Juice’}>} DOLLARS) 

or Sum({<[Product] = {‘Juice’},  [Country] = {‘USA}>} UNITS) 

In my chart, I use following variable to call measure:

vExpression = FirstSortedValue({1} %Measure_Formula, %Measure_Nbr,$1) – Where $1 is another parameter specifying measure I want.

So here is a problem I need help with:

Result of  $(vExpression(1)) returns  Sum({<$1, $2>} DOLLARS)

But I can’t pass more parameters for my set analysis inside of expression. I need something like Sum({<[Product] = {‘Juice’}>} DOLLARS)  when I execute FirstSortedValue.

Please help and thank you.

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

I hope this would be helpful for you: Nesting Variables with parameters.

- Marcus