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Creator III
Creator III

Passing selections between Opened Documents


I connected two documents by creating a button with action "Open URL" (qvp://<server>/<docName> ) - it works fine.

I want to pass the selections between these documents (like in the Open Document action).

When I tried to put the URL in the Open Document action - it failed (document was not found)

Is there any way to pass selections between two chained documents which are opened in server?



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Creator III
Creator III

OK, after a quick experience with the API guide I found the solution.

The Action is not working so we'll have to do it with Macro.

The idea is to loop through all the current selections and dynamically pass them to the new document:

set App = ActiveDocument.GetApplication

set newdoc = App.OpenDoc ("qvp://<SERVER>/<DOCUMENT>.qvw")

set x = ActiveDocument.GetCurrentSelections

s = x.Selections

v = x.VarId

for i = lbound(s) to ubound(s)

    newdoc.Fields(v(i)).Select s(i)


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Creator III
Creator III

So far I didn't find any standard way for doing it...

the only thing that worked was using Macro to open a new document (open in server) with making selections to specific fields

Please help ???

The Action "Open QlikView Document" has the option to transfer state to the document your are opening.


Creator III
Creator III

Hi Collin

I am trying to open the document with qvp://<server>/document.qvw and it doesn't work (like open in server).

The option that you showed opens a document for editing.

Can you help ?



When you have the document on the server access point, the action should open the document within the browser.

Have you tried the button when opening the app from the Access Point rather than QV desktop?

Hi Yaniv,

The Open QlikView Document will work with Ajax, but not with IE Plugin.

The text below is from the QV Help file...

Opens the specified document. The file extension must be included. (Not available as document and sheet trigger.)
Mark the check box Transfer State to transfer the selections from the original document to the one you wish to open. The opened document will first be cleared of selections.
Mark Apply state on top of current to retain the second document’s selections and apply the original document’s selections on top of them.

Note! Use Apply state on top of current with caution, as it can cause unpredictable results if the two documents selections are conflicting. In most cases it should be sufficient with using the Transfer State option.

Open in same Window opens the new document in the same browser tab when using the AJAX ZFC client.

Note! Open QlikView Document action is not supported when using the Internet Explorer plugin

Creator III
Creator III

Hi Collin

I am working with the desktop client

do you know whether this functionality should work with it?

Creator III
Creator III

Anyone??? help???

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary


Transfer State option works in Desktop Client.