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Passing variable field name into GetFieldSelections

I'm trying to create a custom Current Selections box for a particular set of date fields using a straight table and an expression that uses GetFieldSelections to return the values currently selected for each field.

In my load script I'm creating an inline table of fields that I want to show in this table, i.e.:

DateField, DateDescription
date1, Creation Date
date2, Closed Date
date3, Target Due Date
date4, Last Saved Date


So far I've managed to achieve the example straight table shown below using the following:


DateField (hidden)


Date Field:


Current Filter:

if(only({1}DateField)='date4',GetFieldSelections(date4))))),'>=',''),'<=',' - ')

I want to avoid the nested IFs as I look to expand this elsewhere, and want to use the value in the DateField field inside the GetFieldSelections instead.

I have tried to achieve this using the following formula but get the error "Nested aggregation not allowed":


Does anyone have any suggestions how I could use the field name stored in DateField inside the GetFieldSelections function?

(note - I'm using the only({1}) function since I want users to be able to click on each of the Date field rows and use this to apply date filters to each - so this ensures that all Date Fields are always shown in the table)

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Passing variable field name into GetFieldSelections

May be try with Pick(Match(...))

Pick(Match(Only({1}DateField), 'date1', 'date2', 'date3', 'date4'), GetFieldSelections(date1), GetFieldSelections(date2), GetFieldSelections(date3), GetFieldSelections(date4))

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Re: Passing variable field name into GetFieldSelections

Thanks Sunny - but I'm hoping to avoid the hardcoding of date1, date2 etc altogether.

Since I have these values in the straight table (in the DateField field), I thought it should be possible to pass this value into the function, so all I need to maintain is my INLINE list of fields and descriptions on the load script - i.e. like =GetFieldSelections(only({1}DateField))

Re: Passing variable field name into GetFieldSelections

Unfortunately, I don't think this would be possible