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Password protecting a sheet tab - show/ hide

Hi All,

I want to create a button which show/ hides a tab but prompts for a password on the show object.


Click button 'Show Tab'

Enter password

If password is correct show tab

Otherwise don't show tab

Then give user option to hide tab

Trying to avoid section access on this one as i don't want users to have to enter username/ passwords on file access, as they've already set their credentials through the Qlikview AccessPoint.

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Password protecting a sheet tab - show/ hide

Hello, Matt.

I don't sure that it's possible, but I can suggest 2 approach:

1) Use a Section Access based on NTNAME, so user will not need input additional login/password.

2) use a Macro, in macro you should use function which create a dialog for input values (I don't know what function, but I think this function must exists in VBScript) and use this user values (password) in variable. And then use Show Condition option in properties sheet, where you can check this variable.

I hope that both of my approach are working