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Percentage Subtotal

Hi All,

Is there a way to create table like this on Qlikview.

I need to be able to show the count Total and % Total of this table [i.e. the last two rows]. Is this achievable?

Many Thanks



Week 1Week 2Week 3Grand Total
Grand Total150195245590
Grand Total [%]25%33%42%100 %
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Re: Percentage Subtotal

Check the attached


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Re: Percentage Subtotal

Hello, Kozan!

You can create two similar tables with different calculation of totals and place them one under the other.

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Re: Percentage Subtotal

Hi this is exactly what I am looking for.

Can you explain the purpose of "dim". I don't have this value and can't figure out why you have included this in your expressions.


Re: Percentage Subtotal

Dim is created as an Inline table and is not connected to anything in your database... This is basically used to create the two Grand Total rows

Pick(Dim, Name, 'Grand Total', 'Grand Total [%]')

So, when Dim = 1, Dimension is Name

when Dim = 2, Dimension is 'Grand Total'

when Dim = 3, Dimension is 'Grand Total [%]'


Re: Percentage Subtotal

If you use the pick, you can lose performance.

You can use text objects at the place of each field.


Re: Percentage Subtotal

Is that based on testing or you just think that Pick will reduce performance?

Also, what happens if you select a single name here? Emily... would the total % go up or down

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Re: Percentage Subtotal

Nice Paulo


Re: Percentage Subtotal

It's real,

I already tested it in an application.

I used as pick as separated expressions... There is a lot of difference.(But I don't know explain the reasons why kkkk)

"Also, what happens if you select a single name here? Emily... would the total % go up or down"

-The total field don't move

Re: Percentage Subtotal

Would you be able to share an example where you can show the performance difference between your proposed solution vs pick() method?