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Performance Issues


We have recently upgraded to 11.2 SR7 from SR3. Post the upgrade, we are experiencing performance issues. When the documents are accessed through the browsers, they show some very surprising behavior. For IE 8 and above, the tab row height doubles and the page goes blank before the new tab content is rendered. The whole transaction of changing the tab takes around 7-10 seconds to complete. On other browsers like Firefox / Chrome, we see that the tab size increases vertically before it finally renders. We are having a tough time tracking the source of the problem. We were not having any issues when we on SR3. I am wondering if anyone else is facing the same issues post SR7 upgrade? Can anyone suggest anything to resolve this issue? We are considering a rollback to SR3 till we can resolve this but we would like to keep that as a extreme resort in case the issue is not resolved. Any help from the forum will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.

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