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Pivot Table Gantt Chart with multiple start and end dates

Hi All,

As the title states, I am implementing a Gantt chart in a Pivot table. I got it to work implementing one start date and one end date.

The issue is I have to implement 9 dates (3 start dates + 3 end dates) and 3 individual dates (Target date, Completed date and Cancel date)


I have to use a pivot table because that it is the closest it looks in Excel. I cannot use a bar chart or mekko chart.

The fields for the date are: StartDate1, StartDate2, StartDate3, EndDate1, EndDate2, EndDate3, Target date, Completed date, Cancel date.

I have a implemented the Start Date1 and End Date1  in the Master Calendar and it works as expected as shown in the picture.

My issue is how do I implement the rest of the dates (7 other dates) in the pivot table above.

I have tried creating multiple Master Calendar but it could not work. I am open to any suggestions to resolve this. Your help is appreciated.

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MVP & Luminary

Re: Pivot Table Gantt Chart with multiple start and end dates

I have no idea if it's possible with multiple dates. You could try to synchronize your dates with a canonical calendar: Canonical Date. Another approach would be a change within the datamodel and including all start-dates into one field (with end-dates the same) and using a further field to differentiate between them which is than used as another dimension within the pivot and/or as a (set analysis) condition within the expression.

If you don't know them the following postings may contain some further ideas for your task:

How to create a Gantt chart using a Pivot table

Files for creation of a Gantt chart

- Marcus