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Pivot table filter help

Hello all,

I'm having an issue getting two things to work together, Freeze panes of a pivot table, and the ability to filter by pivot expressions. Here is an example


I'd like to have Alpha at a frozen state that will allow the user to keep viewing it as they scroll horizontally.  The problem is when I press a field it will only return that one line item (say I select green i get the results below). 


Ideally, I would like both rows that contain green to be returned when I select "green" and have the ability to have a frozen column.  I'm aware that a table box will let me filter on selections but it does not have the ability to freeze pane.  Is there a work around around this? or some kind of solution?


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Re: Pivot table filter help

So you mean that when you select dog, it will show you dog and blue rows? I am not certain what the exact requirement is, would you be able to elaborate a little?

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Re: Pivot table filter help

Something like attached is possible. you cannot freeze the columns. But you can select green and it will show all the rows, Hope this helps:


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Re: Pivot table filter help

If I select green I should get the following :

Alpha      Bravo    Charlie

Dog         Green    Mouse

Blue        Green     Yellow

And Alpha should be freeze paned