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Pivot table with two sets of expressions


I have a pivot table where I'm using one dimension and plenty of expressions, let' say for example 4 expressions :Expr1,Expr2,Expr3 and Expr4, my problem is that I want to display the table using one label for each two expressions, so I have a label for each set of two expression, for example Expr1 and Expr 2 have the label1  ,Expr3 and Expr4 have the label2.

so I want to display things like that:

Header 1Header 2Header 2Header 2
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Re: Pivot table with two sets of expressions

On your pivot chart click on the Header 2 which is field in your pivot table click on the field and drag it to the right of upper corner of the chart and when you drag the field you see blue arrow mark on the chart. Leave this field to the right corner upper side by default you labels allow to the expression try this trick.


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Re: Pivot table with two sets of expressions

I don't have header2 in my table I want to create a pivot table like that