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Pop-up labels not appearing on tablet with Chrome.


A client of mine is running QlikView on Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S tablets. They are running Windows 10 and using the Chrome browser to access QlikView.

I have enabled pop-up labels for some graphs. Both in the Presentation tab (Pop-up Labels checkbox) and in the Expressions tab (Text as Pop-up).

Using Chrome on a desktop or laptop the pop-up labels are working fine. 

Using Chrome on the Tablet the pop-up labels are not working.

Using Edge on the Tablet the pop-up labels are working , but they do not want to use Edge for performance reasons.

Anyone come across this or have any ideas?

We have reinstalled the latest version of Chrome and upgraded the Qlikview Server to V 12.



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Re: Pop-up labels not appearing on tablet with Chrome.

Hi Dylan,

We are experiencing similar issue with v12 SR8 where some users can see pop-up text and some can't.  After going through various diagnosis with Qlik support, it turned out to be related to human interface setting for pen and touch. 

We are using ajax client only on Windows desktops but some of the users have human interface enabled for pen and touch.  QV server thinks that it could be tablet or phone or touch screen client and I believe that pop text are not available for touch screen hence not showing them.  When we disabled this in Device Manager, the pop text are visible.  Qlik will investigate this for a fix.  Not sure whether you can disable this in your tablet, otherwise you won't able to use the touch screen but it also surprise me that it's working in Edge.  Perhaps QV server is interacting differently with Edge then Chrome to recognise the client platform.

How check Pen and touch interface enables?

Start > Computer > Right click > Properties

Under System, you will see:

Pen and Touch: No Pen or Touch Input is available for this Display

Thanks, Shelvin

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Re: Pop-up labels not appearing on tablet with Chrome.

I know it was a while ago, but thanks for the observations Shelvin!