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Pop-up windows for 'mouse-over' cell values in a Pivot Table


I have seen many posts dealing with this subject, but I have a little bit different requirement

i have an expression like this one :

Repeat('█', ceil(c ....

(because it is used in a graph used in an alternate state and in this case, the linear gauge doesn't work)


when mouse-overing on an expression in a chart, I would like either :

suppress the display of the expression


display a completely different information


how to make a linear gauge work in a graph set to use inherited alternate state of a container which use a determined alternate state


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Digital Support

Re: Pop-up windows for 'mouse-over' cell values in a Pivot Table

Likely going to need to attach an example app with the issue in order to get suggestions on this one, as I am a little confused myself at the moment.  I am not sure why alternate state would be impacting things here, that does not seem right to me, although I just noticed the container piece of your comment, and I know we have had issues with containers, so depending upon what version you are running, doing an update to the latest SR in that track might possibly fix things here potentially, but not sure.  Best I have for the moment.


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