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Possible bug with Inline Data Wizard in QlikView 12.20 SR4

I have found an alarming bug with the Inline Data Wizard that can be used for Inline Data tables.

I have a script tab that has an inline table.  After the inline table ends, I have some more code in the same tab.

Under some circumstances:

1)  I click on the little hammer icon next to the Inline table and edit the contents of the table.

2) I click on OK.

3)  The table contents are changed correctly in the script but:

4)  All of my code after the table in the same tab is cleanly and quietly erased!

I discovered this the hard way because my document started failing during reload and some expected tables were no longer present.  Fortunately, I had backups and was able to detect and recover the erased code.

This does not happen all the time with all inline tables.  I have not been able to determine why this happens when it does.

As a workaround, I have made sure that the inline table is the last table on its tab, but this bug should be fixed.

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MVP & Luminary

Re: Possible bug with Inline Data Wizard in QlikView 12.20 SR4

Please report it to Qlik so that this behaviour could be checked and fixed.

Beside this it might be a better workaround not to use this wizard else just to write the statement manually and if there are more as a few fields/fieldvalues it might be better to create this table within a txt-file or an Excel and to load the data from there. Also you could just use a copy & paste approach from Excel to Qlik and then adding a fileformat-statement to the inline-table to consider the tab-char as field-delimiter like:

load * inline [
F1 F2
a b
] (txt, delimiter is \t);

- Marcus