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Possible cause of the 'failed to load' error when opening a qvw in the server environment

Edit: I just ruled out the theory of having a document open in accesspoint when you open it in the server environment as the sole cause at least.  I opened 4 qvws on the server to confirm okay, then closed on the server and opened them in accesspoint, then opened on the server without hitting the 'failed to load' message.  Still might be a combination of things that includes this scenario, but basically a mystery still.   I typed this post while waiting for a dashboard to reload after I recovered it from a 'failed to load', so not much time lost by me.  I put this edit at the top to save anyone else from reading the below unless they want to or they have ideas about the actual cause or more efficient solutions.

Hi All, I think plenty of us have encountered the 'failed to load' error when trying to open a document in our qlikview server environment.  And we know the solutions are like:

1> delete the .prj folder, open and re-save  OR

2> if you're using source control and have the project in a trunk, and can't or don't want to rename that, you can move the whole .prj folder, qvw, and related files out of accesspoint documents folder and pull the project back out of your source control trunk.  Then reload to complete.

Anyway, I've bumped into this a few times in the past week, and it seems like it might happen if I have the document open in accesspoint the same time I try to open it on the server environment.  Since there's no logout button, and timeout defaults to 3 or 5 minutes or so, QVMC might think you still have it open even after you close it.  (Seen in QVS Statistics, Documents and Users)

I've been opening and closing files without issue all day.  Then I looked at one dashboard on accesspoint and saw one of the graphs needed to be widened slightly.  So I hopped up onto the server to open the document and do that, and got the failed to load.  Since I've been through a few documents today without issue, including this one, my instinct is telling me something doesn't like it when we have a document open in accesspoint then try to open it on the server at the same time.

I will try a few direct tests with little test qvws to see if that pattern holds up, but thought I'd float this out there in the interim.  Future solution might be to find some little meta file in the .prj folder and delete just that.. or something.. to clear the active user sessions from the dashboard and get back in.  Deleting prj folder is fine if you're not using source control (though everyone should use source control.).  But having to get project from source control and reload a whole dashboard when you just wanted to widen a graph.. It is not fun.