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Problem sending command to the progam

Hi all,

Hoping for some good ideas here.

I have an application that is tied to our source control (SVN) server via the -prj folder. Things were working fine and now it seems our developers (multiple and different machines) have this problem. After performing a standard update on the -prj folder, the application becomes unable to open. First we get an error of:

     "There was a problem sending the command to the program."

Then when you click ok, you get this message:

     "The document ... failed to load" (where the dots represent the path and filename of my app)

As I am sure you can speculate, it doesnt open.

What I am hoping for here is a long term solution as I know I can just delete the -prj and the .qvw and start over but this will lose any changes I have made that werent checked in, so not ideal.


1. Delete the -prj folder

-Application will open fine. If I then create a new -prj folder and save the application will continue to work fine but then I am no longer tied to our source control (which is a problem).

2. Delete the -prj and create a new -prj with a new link to the Source Control folder.

- Same problem still occurs even after a new checkout and trying to open the same .qvw file.

3. Delete everything (-prj and .qvw)

- Doing this will mean I lose all my work but it will allow for me to get the application to open and function after a recreation of everything, so again not ideal.

4. Post about RegEdit value (Problem sending a command error)

- Did nothing for me.

If anyone has any good thoughts here I am open to ideas.