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Problem with delimiter in text file

Hi, I want load files from text files like this:

UD5¬14.25¬30/09/2011 0:00:00¬I¬6¬7¬Pase a Pro

UD3¬2.25¬30/09/2011 0:00:00¬I¬6¬7¬Pase a Pro

UD8¬67.5¬30/09/2011 0:00:00¬I¬6¬7¬Pase a Pro

UD9¬45¬30/09/2011 0:00:00¬I¬6¬7¬Pase a Pro

The file uses '¬' like field separator. When I try to load this file with this sentence:

LOAD @1,@2,@3,@4,@5,@6,@7

FROM [.\ajustes.txt]

(txt, utf8, no labels, delimiter is \xAC, msq);

the fields are correctly separated, but the fileds have a extra char at the end:


I could separate the fields and delete this char after, but how can I separate them correctly?

PD: If I write the text file, it works correctly. I get this file from another person.


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Re: Problem with delimiter in text file

Is the file in a non utf8 format ?

Are there invisible hex characters in the file ?

Could you share a sample file ?