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Problem with sum expression

Dear all,

I have a problem with this expression :

= sum(if([VOY.EPFCLE] <> 0, 1, if([PLA.EPFCLE] <> 0, 1, 0)) -> result 834

-> expected result 833

But in this case PLA.EPFCLE is always = 0 and if I do sum(if([PLA.EPFCLE] <> 0, 1, 0)) -> I have 0

So we are agree that my formula is equivalent to  : sum(if([VOY.EPFCLE] <> 0, 1, 0) and I do it, I have the result 833 what is expected !!

VOY.EPFCLE is a key and never null so it 's not a problem like it. There is also no double value

It is very strange. It's like bug

Is there a way to explain it and maybe something to test ?

Best regards,


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Re: Problem with sum expression

Try this

= sum(if([VOY.EPFCLE] = 0, if([PLA.EPFCLE] =0, 0, 1),1) 

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Re: Problem with sum expression

What do you get if you use the following expression:





Is there any combination of selections where you may have a valid value on PLA.EPFCLE and no valid values on VOY.EPFCLE?


Re: Problem with sum expression

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